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Do you want better control on quality? Switch to camera based inspection! 

18.09.21 07:54 AM By Robro

Kiara - AI Eyes for your factory!

industries face problems during production, assembly and printing leading to inferior quality, customer rejections, spoit brand reputation and high costs. Having constant overview of each and every product and monitoring processes visually is key to ensuring product quality. Kiara is a base platform that delivers unmatched results through AI for camera based inspection, monitoring and counting.

~70% Waste Reduction 

Errors caught early reduce up to 40% wastage in production processes

Save on Costs

Save on Labor costs and expensive reworks. Get 100% inspection!

Ace Quality Audits

Meet your client's quality needs!

Common Industrial Defects: Examples

Sticks Defects

Printing Defects

Cap Defects

Files Defects

How Kiara Helps?

Kiara is a base platform for all visual analysis tasks! It not only detects the defects, but also rejects or removes the undesirable products from the lot. Ultimately, industries are able to reduce wastage up to 70% and also give a zero defect assurance. Kiara provides an AI software library that continues to learn by examples and quickly understand OK/NG products through a few samples. It is customizable as per the requirement of the application. 

Connect to Any camera

Be it an industrial camera, a CCTV camera or a USB Web cam - Kiara can work with it!

Cloud Connectivity - IOT Enabled

Be it a single sensor or multiple sensors and cameras - Kiara works as an IOT device!

Connect to Robotic Systems

Be it a pneumatic rejection mechanism or a robotic arm, Kiara can talk to it!

Remote Support and Upgrades

Be it fine tuning or a full software upgrade, Kiara can get it done without an engineer visit!

Quick Setup

Be it an add on to an existing machine or a new system, Kiara can be set up quickly!

Real-time Data and Analysis

Be it images, rejections and analytics over data - Kiara helps you access it from within or outside!

Typical Kiara System Setup
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Aiding the Pandemic Response

Due to the strict protocols implemented by Governments for COVID-19, the number of workers in industries are significantly reduced. Kiara can help cope with the loss due to labour, automating your processes and also ensuring hygiene and no- touch accessibility.