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Defects are unavoidable in the complex printing process!
100% Inspection is key to ensure quality.

In House Line-Scan Camera Label Print Inspection System

Defects in the Printing Process

Due to the complexity of the printing process and the dependance on several factors such as machine settings, environmental conditions, raw material quality - It is difficult to get Zero-Defect printing. Following are the major types of defects that may occur during the printing process 

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The KPI-330 Advantage

Kiara Print Inspection (KPI-330) is the first indigenous 100% Visual Inspection System for Label Rolls. 

Accurate with Identified Defects as small as 0.09 mm

Higher Productivity with Speeds > 200 mtr/min

Feedback, Reports and Intelligent Analytics

Flexible to fit all budgets and requirements

Auto Master Image Identification and Training

Accurate Stop Position for Operator Interference

Train Defects on the fly that you wish to ignore

User Friendly Touch Screen Interface

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