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Cameras can count faster than the blink of an eye?

Most industries today count through weight measurement and accept the inaccuracies therein due to lack of a better alternative. Mechanical counting systems count one-by-one and aren't suitable when a variety of products need to be counted by the same system. Kiara Counting Systems, through our proprietary VAAS technology, count faster and more accurately than any other method.

Count a Bunch

Eg. Wooden Handles Counting

Count in Motion

Eg: Metal Parts Counting

Count from the Top

Eg. Diamond Counting
Why Industries are moving to Kiara Counting Systems?

Automatic counting machines are essential for correct batching, accurate counting and packing in industries. Currently, industries count either mechanically or through weight. Mechanical counting is restricted by size and shape of the product and it is often time-consuming to switch machine parts when the product changes. Weight based counting assumes that each part has the exact same weight and uses a weight average to count. Even the most sophisticated manufacturing systems produce parts with slight variations in sizes and shapes. These are even more pronounced for materials like wood and rubber where density changes up to 50%.

As flexible manufacturing evolves, there is a need to introduce ways to do flexible counting which is human-error-proof. Kiara camera-based vision counting systems are evolving as the solution to the world's accurate and flexible counting needs that can count a large variety of objects in the same system. They can easily count in bulk and can be integrated in packing machines with ease. Check out the case studies below to know how these vision counting systems have helped industries

Case studies: Counting on a Conveyor

Rasgulla Counting

Rasgullas and Gulabjamuns are often packed in tins of 200/500/1000 pieces. Due to their soft nature it is difficult to count them mechanically without damaging them. 

Small metal parts counting

Small metal parts need to be packed by count. Count with weight leads to inaccurate results and since customers can't be supplied less no. than asked for - suppliers always end up supplying more quantity. With Kiara counting systems - >99.9% accurate count is achieved and packing is 3x faster.

Using weight for counting? Move on..
Benefits of Kiara Counting Systems

High Speed (> 1000 objects/second)

With Bulk counting, Kiara vision systems count a large number of objects together, achieving counting speeds never possible before.

Flexible (Count variety together)

In the same image, kiara counting systems can count different shapes, sizes and colors of parts and give an accurate count of each type.

Eliminate Costly Inaccuracies

Everytime your count is inaccurate, you incur costs of rejection of costs of extra products. Achieve 100% accurate counting with us.

Auto Teaching

Just show our Kiara Counting System some examples of your object and it will quickly learn to count it

Verification Inbuilt

Systems for "Pass" / "Fail" are in-built into Kiara Counting Systems in case counts aren't as per expectation. 

Integrate Packing Easily

A variety of feeding and packing systems can be integrated with ease with Kiara Counting Systems to streamline processes.

Cast study: Count a bunch

Handles Counting

Wooden sticks and handles of various shapes and sizes are used in brush manufacturing. The reduction in use of plastic has increased the use of wood and bamboo products. Counting them through weight is error-prone since density of wood can vary by up to 50%. 

Kiara machine vision systems can count a bunch within 50ms and with >99.9% accuracyi

Case study: Count from the top

Diamond Counting

Tiny Precious stones and Diamonds need to be bagged with the precise count as required by the jewellery piece they're going to be studded into. 

Carat counting is prone to errors in weighing scale calibration and small variations in size and density


When it comes to counting, it is an essential step in any industry. Generally, weighing and counting scales are used. Small parts in bulk are manufactured in various industries and a few applications are displayed below:

Sweets Counting

Count Food items, specially sweets and salty snacks that can vary a lot in size and shape.

Metal Parts Counting

Count a wide variety of small metal parts quickly and accurately

Seeds Counting

As hybrid seeds get expensive, they're sold by count and not weight

Chocolates and Candy Counting

Count a mix of chocolates within a flash

Pills Counting

Count each type and Variety of pills, even overlapping pills together

Pens Counting

Ensure the packing count is correct

Diamond Counting

You can't afford to pack even a single diamond less or more

Toys Counting

Count all the variety of toys

Frozen Foods Counting

Frozen Foods need to be counted before packing

Jewellery Parts Counting

Small parts of jewellery to be counted accurately

Bubbles Counting

Science experiments require bubbles to be counted for data analytics

Shrimp Counting

Automatic counting machines and systems for shrimp counting