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  • Industrial Automation: Visual Analysis and Action Systems

    Fast & Accurate Inspection, Sorting and Counting

    Our AI camera solutions automate visual tasks. They deliver 40% waste reduction, 20% productivity increase and smart insights into your production process.

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Automated Error Proofing & Quality Control

Bridging the gap between emerging technologies in machine vision and their adoption in industries of all scale.

Our systems learn by examples and quickly deploy smart eyes to your factory. Go from concept to a working system - within a day.

Products and Services


AI Eyes for your Factory
Identify | Sort | Count

Kiara Line Scan

Specialized cameras for fast moving, wide and cylindrical objects

Print Inspection

Printing Inspection for all materials. Inspect labels and packaging. 

Vision SPMs

Special Purpose Machines for your specialized inspection needs.

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Who We Are ?

About Us

We are a home grown machine vision company with the aim to provide accurate and affordable machine vision systems to businesses of all scale. We are passionate about AI and its ability to augment humans, specially in Manufacturing and Assembly processes. We do the following in our development cycle:

  • Problem Identification
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Component Selection
  • Concept Designing
  • In-house Testing
  • System Installation
  • Data Collection
  • AI Software 
  • Accuracy Improvement
  • Support and Service
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