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With more than 10 years of automation experience,
we know just what you need.

Automation is no longer just an option for any business. Factories and Workshops that do not move towards automation will` be defunct in a few years. But not everyone can afford very sophisticated automation nor do they have access to automation professionals. 

With this in mind, Robro Systems provides camera based automatic inspection and monitoring solutions for error proofing & quality control. Our flagship product Kiara is an image processing platform for manufacturing and other industries

It reduces the error rate of manual inspection by 90% and is up to 30% more affordable than existing systems.

Our Founders

Launching a new-age tech startup backed by a 65 year old family business is no small feat. We are proud of doing it successfully. Our team continues to mix traditional business ethics and modern tools to bring out the best of both worlds. With empathy as our core strength, we are a people first company!

Harshit Sureka

Founder and CEO

Vinit Sureka

 Business and Operation Expert

Our History

With robotics and automation roots dating back to 2012, we officially incorporated in 2018 with an aim to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and their adoption by SMEs. We currently focus on machine vision systems.

We are part of the Carryfast Group - A market leader in Warehousing, Logistics, Packaging and Distribution. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce wastage and increase production efficiency through smart camera systems installed throughout Industrial and Commercial Applications. By providing an affordable and easy-to-use AI enabled machine vision platform, we aim to increase quality of lives of people and manufactured products.

Our Team of Professionals

Mukesh Sharma

Business Development 

Mohan Chinnadurai

Product Development

Mayank Dalvi


Kanak Mathur

Human Resources

Sowmya Talusani

Process and Quality