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​Selected Case Studies

Cap Defects Sorting

Handle Counting System

Hole Choke Identification

Matchstick Inspection System

Packed Color Verification of Pads

Expiry Date Print Verification

​Case Study: Headless Matchsticks Inspection

An on-machine system to prevent headless matchsticks from going to customers

Kiara is trained to identify matchsticks that do not have heads. Such defects happen 1~2 times a day during the manufacturing process. Personnel are deployed to ensure these aren't packed and sent to customers. The deployed solution eliminates customer complaints and assists with re-deploying workforce to other areas. 

​Case Study: Handle Counting System

A Vision SPM for accurately counting handles before packing

Clean Operator Display
Easy Stick Loading
Electrical Panel
Intuitive Interface

​Case Study: Cap Defects Sorting

Vision SPM for sorting caps into 5 categories based on defects in the interior liner and threads

Defects in Caps can cause beverages to spill or foreign particles to enter the drink. 

We check 120 Caps/min with 99.2% accuracy.

​Case Study: Hole Choke Identification

An XY Mechanism to inspect chokes of micro pores in a spinneret

After cleaning, some pores may remain choked. The Inspection System Identifies which pores are choked and produces a result based on a set tolerance

Disk to be Inspected
Identified Chokes
Full Inspection View

​Case Study: Expiry Date Print Inspection

Ensure expiry date is properly printed and inside the space allocated

OK Print
OK Print
Not-OK Print
Not-OK Print

Case Study Video

Printing of correct coding and expiry date on consumer products is a legal compliance matter. Errors can lead to costly lawsuits. Kiara quickly learns to identify missed prints, or improper prints and rejects the incorrect packs.

​Case Study: Pad Packing Verification

A table-top System to verify colors of packed items

Pads in the Box
Identified Individual Lines
Colors Identified
Result compared with expectation

Customers can order customized color combinations and the orders are packed manually. Errors in manual packing lead to customer attrition. Our Vision System ensures that what is packed is what was ordered, delivering an Excellent Customer Experience, every time.

​Industrial Applications


Inspect defects and achieve 100% quality control through Machine Vision

Blister Inspection
Sticks Inspection
Print Inspection


Sort products and parts into different categories at high speeds with Machine Vision

Plastics Sorting
Waste Sorting
Multicategory Parts Sorting


Continuous monitoring of video and detection of events

Mask Monitoring
Handwash Monitoring
Fire Monitoring


Identify parts, their orientations and read codes with Machine Vision

Code Reading
Part Identification
Pill Identification


Cameras can guide robots and vehicles giving them intelligent eyes

Line Guidance
Robot Guidance (Fanuc)
Bin Picking


Counting with Machine Vision is 10x faster than manual and ~99.5% accurate

Pen Counting
Bubble Counting
Chips Counting