Kiara Vision 

Still trusting traditional methods for inspection for sorting while running errands, taking business meetings and conferences, getting jobs done, all the while having a combination of perfect solution, AI and Camera-Vision in your pockets.

Ace Quality Control, with Robro Systems, Kiara Vision Control Systems.

We have integrated the  Interlligence of AI and the Vision of Camera to provide you expert vision services. 


Customer Complaints

Customers feel the need to get the value of the price they paid. But when defective products  are sent to customer, they get dissappointed and often lose faith in the company.

Unncessary Losses

Improper inspection won't only let the NG products pass the benchmark but sometimes could classify OK products into NG products. This can lead to losses that could have been easily avoided with a better Inspection System.

Drowning Goodwill 

When a firm, keeps on supplying NG products for a long term or has a Benchmark that doesn't match with one of its customers. People often start consider it as an inferior firm and move to other alternatives. 

Client Churn

When Clients are not satisfied with the services/products, they move to other alternatives. that can cause huge amount of loss if the quality control of a company is not up-to-mark or going down due to one  reason or the other.

Our Solutions 

Defects KVS Detects 

Colour Inspection

Bar-Code Defects  

Print And Packaging Defects

Manufacturing Defect Detection 

Absence/Presence Detection

Different Product Sorting

Assembly Defect Detection 

Surface Defects Detection 

items inspectecd and counted till date 

Case studies/blogs 

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