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​Return on investment guide.

In any industrial unit, making any investment depends on a couple of factors. And one of the most important of that is the Return you are going to get on that Investment in as brief period as possible.

We, at Robro Systems, understand how crucial this purpose is for any industry. 

Use this guide as a reference or contact our Investment Specialist to get an accurate answer with detailed analysis. 

Here's How

Your Investment in AI-enabled, Machine Solutions is going to pay you back and earn more. 

Cut Down On
​Industrial Wastage

Decrease Inaccuracies and Compensation Cost

Avoid Spending Capital on
​Defective Part Production 

Save Through An
Effective  Error-Proofing

Here's Exactly How Much Money You Can Save

Cut Down On ​Industrial Wastage in Printing and Packaging

Mislabels, smudged text, missing prints, dots, and marks are a few of the most recurring print defects in India. A label Printer was dealing with the same and had a team set up for the detection of the labels. These labels are to be turned into packets and the presence of defects in  the printing of one packet, led to waste of one whole packet. Despite the seriousness of the matter and efforts of the team, there were defects that went undetected and resulted in customer complaints and wastage. 

The Label Manufacturer installed Kiara Print Inspectionto identify and detect several defects in the labels. He saved around Rs. 4,00,000 on labor cost per year, the quality of the labels delivered to the customers improved which helped him gain new customers as well as he was able to important pass the audits.

Total Estimated Savings = Rs 4,00,000 per annum 

Decrease Inaccuracies and Compensation Cost with Accurate Industrial Piece Counting  

Even the best technology and smartest human being can make mistakes. A candy manufacturer used Manual and Weight-Based Counting methods to count candies into batches. But inaccuracies in counting were a subject of recurrence due to inefficiency and neglect of the system. As a result, the manufacturer had to pay a compensation cost of adding extra 2 to 5 candies per batch. 

After installation of the Kiara Counting System (KCS-C), he was able to count 300 chocolates per min with 100% accuracy. The compensation cost was eliminated, and around thousands of Rupees were saved per day. 

The estimated savings by increasing the speed of counting as well as production were Rs. 40,000 per month. The Compensation cost saved by opting for accurate counting method added up to  Rs. 18,00,000 per annum.  

Total Estimated Savings = Rs. 22,80,000 per annum.  

Avoid Spending Capital On Defective Part Production with Vision Inspection 

Save Value Added Cost by identifying defects in the beginning of the process.  A Beverage Manufacturer, filled 150-180 bottles per minute, at the end of the production process, these bottles were often rejected due to the defects in the caps he molded in-house. Only the final product was inspected, which resulted in increasing the cost of rejection for his firm increased 5 times. After the implementation of KVS Capbro he was able to inspect 210 caps per minute and sort them with varying degree of defects. Defects were detected at high speed, defected parts were removed, Production was improved, and Rejection cost was reduced.  

The manufacturer saved thousands of rupees every month with elimination of the defected caps into his production cycle. The estimated savings for a year from elimination of defected caps is Rs. 25,00,000. The manufacturer also saved Rs. 10,00,000 by not processing the defected caps. 

Total Estimated Savings = Rs. 35,00,000 per annum. 

Save Through An Effective Error-Proofing System in Food & Beverages Industry

Food and Beverages often require high-end inspection and error-proofing, as they are directly linked to the consumer's health and have an intense impact on the company's goodwill. A fruit drink manufacturer had to ensure the absence/presence of expiry date on his products. An inspection team, consisting of 4 members, performed the task of inspecting 10 tetra packs per minute. This not only consumed a lot of time, but often some NG-products were missed due to neglect.

The Manufacturer installed  Kiara Vision Systems, and was able to inspect 150 tetra packs per minute at 100% accuracy. His production speed increased along with 100% accuracy. 

He saved around Rs. 1,00,000 per month in labor cost and the production speed pumped up leading to a gain of Rs. 50,000 more per month, and he gained around Rs. 35,000 more by avoiding false rejection and error-proofing per month. 

Total Estimated Savings = Rs. 1,85,000 per month. 

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