Robro Systems

Artificially Intelligent

Learns by examples and its artificial brain becomes intelligent as you feed more data

Cloud Reporting

Being On-the-go is necessary. Get Reports and Feedback wherever you are. Intelligent Analytics too.


Adjusts to all types of applications. A suitable model available to fit all budgets and environmental factors.

Smart - Learns Continuously

Kiara made a mistake? Tell it so and it'll remember and never do it again!

KIARA - AI Eyes for Your Factory

With AI penetrating all aspects of our lives, Kiara brings it to your factory. 

It provides:

  • A flexible platform to connect with all types of cameras (including infrared and thermal cameras)
  • An AI software library that learns by examples and takes smart decisions
  • A cloud reporting library that provides reports and analytics on-the-go

Why Kiara?

Quick and Easy Installation

Get from concept to a working system -- within a day!

Integrated Automation

Kiara rejects bad parts automatically and can connect with other equipments and robots to deliver an integrated factory automation experience, giving intelligent Eyes and Hands to your processes

Get Fast Return on Investment

Installing Kiara has paid off in Less than 1 year for 90% of our clients

Cloud Reports and Remote Upgrades

Kiara provides reports on-the-go and can receive updates over-the-air as your products and processes change

Application Scenarios

Use Kiara as a table-top indepdent system, or integrate it with your production and assembly lines.

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