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    AI-Powered Web Inspection System: Unrivaled Precision and Efficiency with Minimum waste and Manual Intervention

    Fabric defects can lead to significant financial losses across industries, ranging from apparel to construction. The Kiara Web Inspection System detects defects of all sizes disregarding their types and makes sure you have an absolute quality control and minimum wastage.
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Introducing Kiara, an AI-powered web inspection system for Technical Textiles

Kiara web inspection system employs a hybrid of traditional image processing and cutting-edge AI algorithms. This seamless match gives Kiara an unparalleled defect detection capability.

Kiara can detect the most subtle defects really fast; with the highest possible accuracy. It gives manufacturers confidence in product quality, quality control, production consistency, and brand reputation.

Introducing Kiara, an AI-powered web inspection system for Technical Textiles

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AI Machine Vision for every Technical Textile Industries

Our advance AI Web Inspection system can save you millions in waste material and hours of manual labour. The Kiara web inspection system is being used by many production plants across India and abroad for following technical textile manufacturers to modernize their production process.


Indutech (Industrial Textile)

Filtration: Filter cloths, membranes and bags etc.

Conveying: Belts, ropes, slings 

Cleaning: Wipes, cloths, abrasives 

Protection: Geotextiles, Tarpaulins, Fireproof fabrics Composites, Reinforcements, Laminates, Prepregs 


Hometech (Home Textile)

Bedding: Mattress covers, duvet covers, sheets, blankets 

Window Treatments: Curtains, blinds, valances Upholstery & Furniture Covers: Sofa covers, chair covers, upholstery fabrics 

Bath & Kitchen Textiles: Bath towels, shower curtains, kitchen towels, tablecloths 

Home Décor: Throw pillows, rugs, wall tapestries, table runners 

Other: Laundry bags, storage bags, pet bedding, sewing fabrics


Geotech(Geotechnical textiles)

Geotextiles: Separation, filtration, reinforcement, drainage 

Geomembranes: Containment, liners, sealing, encapsulation 

Geocomposites: Drainage composites, erosion control mats, gas vents 

Geogrids: Soil stabilization, reinforcement, retaining walls 

Geocells: Ground stabilization, erosion control, load bearing 

Other: Geofoam, geobags, geonets, geotubes


Packtech(Packaging Textiles)

Flexible Packaging: Pouches, bags, films, laminates Rigid Packaging: Boxes, crates, trays, inserts Protective Packaging: Bubble wrap, foam, dunnage, anti-static materials 

Shipping Sacks and Bags: Woven polypropylene, paper, burlap 

Other: Closures, seals, labels, tapes, strapping


Meditech(Medical Textile)

Surgical: Gowns, drapes, scrubs, wraps, blankets, instrument covers, sterile wrap 

Wound Care: Dressings, bandages, wraps, compression garments, burn dressings, ostomy pouches 

Implants: Sutures, meshes, grafts, stents, ligaments, tendons, dressings with sensors 

Hygiene: Wipes, linens, masks, gloves, bed linens, mattress protectors, PPE 

Other: Braces, supports, rehab products, casts, splints, diagnostic/research textiles


Buildtech (Building/Construction  Textile)

Construction: Scaffolding mesh, geotextiles, roofing underlayments, curing blankets, building wraps Reinforcement: Fiberglass mesh, carbon fiber fabrics, aramid fabrics 

Insulation & Sound proofing: Rockwool, fiberglass insulation, acoustic panels 

Interior: Carpet tiles, wall fabrics, upholstery fabrics


Clothtech (Clothing Textile)

Garments: Apparel fabrics, linings, interlinings Footwear: Shoe fabrics, linings, insoles 

Lingerie: Lace, mesh, elastic fabrics 

Accessories: Hats, scarves, gloves, bags 

Other: Umbrellas, tablecloths, napkins, towels


Ecotech/Oekotech(Ecological Protection Textiles)

Natural Fibers: Organic cotton, wool, linen, hemp, jute 

Sustainable Processes: Low-impact dyes, water-based inks, recycled materials 

Eco-Friendly Finishes: Bio-based coatings, natural antioxidants, antimicrobials 

Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, GOTS, Fair Trade 

Other: Organic insulation, biodegradable non-wovens, carbon-neutral production


Mobiltech (Automotive Textile)

Automotive Textiles: Seat covers, Headliners, Carpets, Door panels, Airbags, Seat belts, Non-wovens for air filtration, Belts and hoses Technical Textiles for Transportation: Tyre cord fabrics, Conveyor belts, Awnings and tarpaulins, Geotextiles ,  Protective clothing, Upholstery fabrics, Filtration fabrics, Sound proofing materials, Composite materials



Activewear: Performance fabrics, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant 

Footwear: Upper materials, linings, midsoles, outsoles, high-performance membranes 

Accessories: Compression sleeves, headbands, gloves, socks, protective gear 

Sports Surfaces: Artificial turf fibers, track surfaces, court surfaces, mat materials 

Sports Equipment: Sails, paraglider sails, ball covers, bladders, protective paddings 

Smart Textiles: Wearables for performance tracking, biofeedback, health monitoring.


Protech (Protective Textiles)

Fire Protection: Fire blankets, protective suits, flame-retardant fabrics 

Chemical Protection: Chemical suits, gloves, aprons, spill containment 

Ballistic Protection: Bulletproof vests, armor panels, blast mitigation fabrics 

Radiation Protection: Lead aprons, shielding materials, X-ray protective fabrics 

Other: Hazmat suits, anti-static fabrics, cut-resistant gloves, heat-resistant clothing


Agrotech (Agriculture Textile)

Crops: Shade nets, hail protection, insect nets, mulch nets 

Livestock: Animal blankets, feed bags, bedding 

Fruit & Veg: Protection bags, netting, ripening pouches 

Soil & Water: Geotextiles, irrigation filters, weed control fabrics 

Other: Greenhouses, shade sails, mushroom cultivation bags, silage covers

Benefits of Kiara Technical Textile Inspection System

Accurate Defect Detection

High detection for even the smallest defects

Improved accuracy over time through machine learning algorithms

Inspect Up to 150 Meters/Minute

Fast detection, Increased productivity

Minimized production downtime and delays

Deep Learning Based Model

Efficient processing 

Recognize and classify a wide range of defects

Precise AI Vision System

Precise defect identification

Adapts to changing production needs and requirements

Self-Learning  Software

Continuous improvement, Adaptive defect detection

Reduces the need for manual intervention and calibration


Space saving, Easy integration into existing production lines

Reduces installation and maintenance costs