AI Vision In Food & Beverages and FMCG Industry 

In the food and beverage industry, product safety and quality affect public health. At the same time, the success of business depends on consistent high quality products that consumers love. Machine vision is playing an integral role in the ever – evolving food and beverage industry, helping introduce efficiency, quality and safety into production processes. 

Human Resource plays an important part in the Food and Beverages packaging and production Industry. Despite numerous efforts by manufacturers for the achievement of perfection in the quality of food and beverage packaging and quality control, unintended errors still happen. The best way to overcome day to day Food and Beverages and FMCG packaging problems, Industrial Automation is the best fit. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision enhance the quality control processes of Food and Beverages and FMCG Industries beyond the human capabilities while enhancing the overall competency of production. 

Kiara Vision Platform, integrated with machine vision and Artificial Intelligence, keeps a sharp AI-eye on every Food, Beverage, or FMCG product that passes through it, detecting every quality control defect accurately and efficiently. 

Kiara Vision Platform can help manufacturers get rid a huge number of quality control problems.  

Broken/Missing pieces

Delicate packaged food products often break/scratched during the manufacturing process.  Sort them with our high-end technology. 

Improper Sealing

Sealing and packaging is very important in food and beverages industry to be able to preserve it. KVS ensures the products are sealed properly 

Improper Packaging

Proper packing ensure how long the product will last. People often prefer premium packed products when it comes to food. 

Inaccurate Count 

Weight Based Counting consumers a lot of time and still remains inaccurate. KCS is a fast and accurate counting machine to solve this problem. 

Labels on food bottles/jars carry important information. Kiara Vision Systems inspects such information with high precision. 

Expiry Print Absence/Presence

Expiry date is an important information that must be present on all products. Never miss an expiry print with KVS. 

Missing/Improper Barcode

Kiara Visual Inspection and Sorting systems ensure barcodes are correct and in place as they carry vital information.

Mislabelled Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in the branding of any product. Mislabeled packaging can cause harm to company and client altogether. 


Kiara: AI-Vision Solution for Industry 4.0 Food & Beverages and FMCG problems

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Ensure Consistent High-Quality Products

Save on rejection and labor costs

Up to 100% Accuracy 

Quick And Accurate Inspection

Confirm to regulatory Standards 

Reduce rework and improve productivity 

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Counting, Sorting, and Inspection AI Vision Solutions for all Food & Beverages and FMCG Industry related problems. 

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