AI Vision in Metal & Automotive Industry 

Machine vision systems are able to identify, measure, gauge and inspect the quality of all automotive and metal components. By using industrial cameras and sensors for detecting the defects (of welding, stamping, assembly, size conformity etc.) through analysis of images, real-time action and customized reports can be obtained.

In Automotive and Metal parts manufacturing applications, quality is always the top concern. Stringent regulatory standards mean high levels of liability for errors in production. Machine vision plays a major role in delivering consistent high-quality products in the metal and automotive industry, but machine vision can also deliver productivity gains, within the confines of high quality demands. 

Kiara Vision Platform is an AI-Vision and Machine Learning based industrial solution which enables accurate counting, automatic sorting and high speeds inspection. An industry 4.0 solution, which is developed to solve any problem of the metal and automotive industry. 

Component Inspection 

Small, sophisticated components are used to create compact electronic devices. But manual inspection of such components can be erroneous and time-consuming. AI-Vision enables detailed inspection of each small component. 

Assembly Verification

Proper Assembly plays a crucial role in the functioning of any device. Manufacturers put the most effort in assembly verification to make sure everything goes smooth. Kiara Vision Platform achieves all the necessary standards of Assembly Verification with AI and Machine Vision

Sorting and Classification 

Often, a variety of parts need to be classified, sorted or identified and counted differently in manufacturing lines. Such operations are not possible with manual and traditional measures with 100% accuracy. Kiara Vision Platform uses AI-Vision technology for precise and smooth flow of such operations. 

Incorrect Count 

Metals like iron, steel and others differ in their density which makes them an ill-fit for weight based counting, manual counting on the other hand is not accurate and fast. Kiara Counting Systems use AI vision and Machine Learning technology to count up to 1000 parts/min with up to 100% accuracy.

Broken/Scratched Parts

Small metal parts are prone to small scratches, chippings, and breaking during the  production process, which may not be effectively visible to human eye. KVP  keeps a keen eye on each product before letting them go towards shioment. 

Minor Defects 

Small details in the manufacturing of the metal & automotive parts value a lot for any company's goodwill. Kiara Vision Platform takes into note every small defect at high speed of up to 1000 parts/min with up to 100% accuracy.

Improper Bar-code Print 

Bar-code is a very important factor of information on any product's packaging. It reveals a lot of necessary information about the product.  Absence/Presence of barcodes and batch codes can be easily automated by AI Vision Platform – Kiara 


Automotive and metal products consists of several parts at times. It's necessary to make sure each part is present at the time of inspection to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Kiara Vision Platform uses AI and Machine learning to identify each different part and ensure up to 100% accuracy at high speeds.


Kiara: AI-Enabled Vision-Based Solution for Metal & Automotive Industry 4.0

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Up to 100% Accuracy 

Eliminate Manual Errors. 

Enable the use of manpower in other areas 

Detect minor defects invisible to human eyes. 

Full-proof Presence/Absence & Assembly Verification

Record keeping and report generation 

High Speeds Small Parts Counting 

Integrates with multiple systems and multiple parts 

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Catch every Automotive & Metal  defects with Kiara Vision Platform 

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