AI Vision in Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmaceutical manufacturing applications, quality is always the top concern. Stringent regulatory standards mean high levels of liability for errors in production. Machine Vision plays a major role in delivering consistent high-quality products in the pharmaceutical industry, but machine vision can also deliver productivity gains, within the confines of high quality demands.

One of the primary adopters of Machine Vision Inspection and Quality Control in Medicine and Pharmaceutical  Industry has trusted machine vision to deliver high-end product quality at the highest speeds possible. Along with the evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Machine Vision has also evolved technologically displaying usability in the manufacturing, shipping, and data processing domains with automatic inspection, sorting, counting and error-proofing.

Machine Vision Systems has automated different sorts of operations. Machine Vision can solve many quality control problems in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Broken Pills/Tablets

Pills often break/scratched during the manufacturing process.  Sort them with our high-end technology. 

Empty Blister Packs

Empty blisters is not a rare sight for manufacturers. But when a customer opens a packet and finds a tablet missing, he/she gets annoyed. That's why manufacturers rely on machine vision to ensure no such errors pass through.

Mixed Color Codes

Tablets are often color-coated due to several reasons. Some packs need a Specific amount of different colors. KVS identifies colors to avoid such mistakes.

Incorrect Count

When packing Medicine bottles, a certain number of pills is written on the outside. The number of pills written on the pack should match the ones inside.

Label Print Defects

Labels on medicine bottles/jars carry important information. Kiara Vision Systems inspects such information with high precision 

Expiry Print Absence/Presence

Expiry date is one on the most information present on any product. Never miss an expiry print with KVS. 

Mislabeled Blisters 

The information on the blister packs carries high regards. Kiara Visual Inspection and Sorting systems ensure all the information you want  is there. 

Mislabeled Outer-Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in the branding of any product. Mislabeled packaging can cause harm to company and client both. 

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Kiara: AI-Enabled Vision-Based Solution for Pharma Industry 4.0

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