AI Vision In Print & Packaging Industry  

Proper printing and packaging is key to maintaining a strong footing in the industry. It represents the brand image and any errors must be caught and eliminated. Robro  Systems develops solutions that are heavily used to implement strict quality control ensuring up to 100% quality. 

In the manufacturing sector, Print and Packaging is the factor that builds the impact of any organization on the customer . 

Kiara Vision Platform, integrated with machine vision and Artificial Intelligence keeps a sharp AI-eye on every label and roll, and packages material that passes through it.  Kiara Vision Platform can help manufacturers get rid of these kinds of problems by detecting every print defect accurately and efficiently.

Assembly Verification 

Detect missing parts, components of any product in seconds and speed up the production process by 30% 

Improper or Missing  Bar Code 

Bar codes are very necessary as they place the product and help in pricing. It's important to keep it in check.

Kit Verification 

Some products consist of several components, these components need to be in the packaging in specific amount and specific location. KVS ensures that each kit is complete and error-free.

Inaccurate Count 

Counting errors are often recurring in the industry. Missing Count can become a big headache due to Customer complaints 

Missing Important Information 

The Outer Packaging consists of important information about the product and have crucial impact on the branding of the company. Kiara ensures error-free product packaging. 

Improper Print/Color/Label

Labels, Colors, Text, big companies give a lot of attention to these things when it comes to branding. 

Expiry Date Absence/Presence 

Expiry date is one on the most information present on any product. Never miss an expiry print with KVS. 

Lines/Tear/Holes/Dots etc. 

Tearing, holes, lines, dots are normal things that happen under Indian weather. But sending products to customer with such low quality could backfire and lead in loss. 


Kiara: AI-Enabled Vision-Based Solution for Print and Packaging Industry 4.0

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Ensure Consistent High-Quality Products

Save on rejection and labor costs

Up to 100% Accuracy 

Quick And Accurate Inspection

Confirm to regulatory Standards 

Reduce rework and improve productivity 

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Catch every packaging and print defect with Kiara Vision Platform 

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