Defects are unavoidable in the complex printing process!
100% Inspection is key to ensure quality.

In House Line-Scan Camera Label Print Inspection System

Defects in the Printing Process

Printing is a complex process, and its quality depends on several factors. Machine settings, environmental conditions, raw material quality play significant roles in print quality, to name a few. Mislabels, smudged text, missing prints, dots, and marks are recurring incidents of the printing world. These defects not only create room for misunderstandings and misinformation but are also responsible for frequent customer rejections and diminish the brand value. Print Quality inspection is an important step that can save your factory from all that hassle. So if you're looking for a faster, easier, and accurate way for Print quality inspection, Robro Systems congratulates you. You have come to the right place!

KPI-330 in action

The KPI-330 Advantage

We provide one of the best automatic print quality inspection systems. We have merged AI and camera vision to develop - 'Kiara' Print Inspection (KPI-330), a machine that effortlessly performs inspection in plastic print quality, expiry date print, label print, packaging print, and much more. Kiara Print Inspection (KPI-330) is the first indigenous 100% Visual Inspection System for Label Rolls. An automatic print defect detection system can find defects as small as 0.09mm at a speed of more than 200 meters/minute.

Accurate with Identified Defects as small as 0.09 mm

Higher Productivity with Speeds > 200 mtr/min

Feedback, Reports and Intelligent Analytics

Flexible to fit all budgets and requirements

Auto Master Image Identification and Training

Accurate Stop Position for Operator Interference

Train Defects on the fly that you wish to ignore

User Friendly Touch Screen Interface

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