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Achieve Accurate Counting with AI and KIARA

10.05.21 11:35 AM By Kanak

Machine Vision can be used where human visual processes are not reliable and can lead to errors. One such example is in counting small parts or objects, especially when the parts or objects are in large numbers. Visual Counting is faster and more accurate.


Increase work efficiency + reduce labor cost.

100% accurate counting.

Customizable as per the application.

Eliminate customer complaints.

Faster Packing and improved productivity.

    Practical Applications

    Handles/Stick Counting:

    Accurate counting for packing sticks/handles is required. Manual counting is slow and error-prone. 

    Errors lead to wastage and customer complaints. There are several sizes and varieties.

    Robro Systems introduces a new state-of-the-art, automatic stick counting system. This method of counting system ensures:   

    • Manual/Automatic loading of parts
    • Deep Learning, Edge-AI GPU Device
    • Monitor, Touchscreen, and Counter
    • 100% accurate counting
    • Up to 4,000 count/min

    Stick Counting System improves productivity and provides labor cost savings with a very short return on investment.

    Chip Counting:

    Manually counting chips takes a longer time and chances of accuracy are also reduced which chance of re-work. The overlapping creates a problem. As a result, industries face many challenges in terms of quality, finance, and stability.   


    Robro Systems introduces Chip Counting System. This method of counting system ensures:

    • Accurate counting for chips.
    • Counting through AI software and smart cameras.
    • Up to 100% accuracy.

    Counting bottles in a package:

    The most basic use of KIARA is counting. The number of beverage PET bottles or medical ampules can be counted accurately even on production lines. This application is spreading in the food and pharmaceutical industries where safety is required.   

    Robro Systems introduces Bottles Counting System. This method of counting system ensures:  

    • Accurate counting for bottles in a package.
    • Counting through AI software and smart cameras.
    • Up to 100% accuracy.