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Benefits of Using Line-Scan Cameras

10.05.21 12:15 PM By Kanak
Source: Vision Doctor
 A line-scan camera reads the image data one line at a time. This means that it doesn’t observe the image as a whole, but rather reviews it   precisely line by line. This seamless recording style allows for inspections of over-long objects or even endless webs of material. The most   common uses are quality assurance and sorting procedures.

Areas of Application for Line Scan Cameras

 Line scan cameras are frequently used in printing machinery to inspect printed images. Surface and web inspection are also common areas for line scan cameras. 

 Regardless of whether working with semiconductors, paper, plastics, or raw leather, line scan cameras are helpful tools for identifying flaws directly within the production process. 

 This is handled in two different ways: one involves the camera “detecting” a flaw by comparing the endless web against a flawless reference and issuing an alert when     irregularities arise. The other uses special software to detect on its own whether the material has flaws.

 Another common use is for postal sorting or reading out barcodes, QR codes, lines of text (OCR), and other codes. This ensures that packages and letters will reach the right   recipient in a timely manner.

Better for applications such as

  • Web Inspection
  • Weaving Defects
  • Cylindrical objects
  • Continuous moving objects
  • Textile | Canvas | Sheets
  • Metal Sheets


  • To read in a large amount of data at high speeds and high image quality.
  • Easy to provide illumination
  • Low space requirements