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Verify packaging with Machine Vision

10.05.21 06:54 AM By Kanak

Machine Vision Technology in Packaging

Packaging is the very first impression of a product and the brand. Any discrepancy in the product packaging – be it a defect or incorrect labeling – that goes unnoticed, may prove disastrous for the product. Their-in lies the opportunity for machine vision technology to play a powerful role in improving packaging process and outcomes.

Most of the machine vision applications along a packaging line can be addressed for under $20,000 and this includes engineering cost. Given the availability of proven packaging line application-specific software, many companies are able to perform the installation with internal personnel. Today’s machine vision systems can cost – effectively guaranty the performance of every operation on a packaging line: labeler, filler, capper, cartoner, etc.

Machine vision technology provides real-time analysis of information derived from captured images to perform complex inspection tasks. But it is easier said than done. This article describes the impact of machine vision technology, its key applications, and how machine vision technology is revolutionizing the packaging industry.

Machine Vision Applications In Packaging Industry

  • Barcode/QR Code check
  • Label Position Inspection
  • Expiry Inspection
  • Misprint Inspection
  • Color Verification
  • Font Verification
  • Bottle Fill Level Inspection
  • Count Missing Detection

Manually inspecting tangible defects is not always reliable. It is also labor-intensive. To overcome these limitations, automated inspection uses image processing techniques that are potent enough to significantly improve quality and increase production rates in the industry by delivering a high performance customized deep learning model for identifying packaging defects in real-time.

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