• Sheets, Web and Cylindrical Inspection.
    High Speed. High Resolution. 

    Line Scan Cameras are specialized cameras that solve your inspection need for sheets, webs and cylindrical objects. They are significantly efficient in capturing high resolution images of fast moving objects
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What are Line Scan Cameras?

A household document scanner is the most common example of line scan imaging. Line scan imaging uses a single line of sensor pixels (effectively one-dimensional) to build up a two-dimensional image. The relative motion between the image sensor and the object being imaged provides the second dimension. With speed synchronization, line-by-line images are joined to give a 2D image.

Generally to view objects moving at speed, a Single line scan camera works better than Two Area Scan Cameras in terms of high resolution and without the extra work of overlapping and redundant data.

Source: Vision Doctor

Representation of image formation with line scan cameras

With the object moving in one direction, the camera captures line-by-line. An on-board or external processor then joins the lines together to form the image.

Advantages of Line Scan Cameras

Save Space and Cost

Line Scan Camera Systems are generally more compact and can fit in space restricted environments. They provide a lower cost per pixel since they provide high resolution in their scan direction and an infinite resolution in the direction of object movement.

High Res. No Blur. No Distortion.

A bright light is required to illuminate the line being scanned. Each line capture is extremely fast and free from smear due to object motion. The images also have higher dynamic range compared to other image capturing methods.

Easy Lighting. Fast Processing.

Only the scanned line needs to be illuminated, simplifying the lighting setup and reducing reflection effects. Fast processing is achieved by transmitting and scanning a line in parallel. Reduced data redundancy and overlap also make processing faster.

Line Scan Camera Applications

Sticks Inspection

Weaving Defects

Railway Inspection

Textile Inspection

Object Inspection

Print Inspection

Wafer Inspection

IR Inspection

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