• Checking Absence/Presence 

    Ensuring that a required stamp, print or punch is not skipped before shipment to the customer is an essential step in meeting legal compliance and customer requirements. Human errors are bound to occur and even a single non-compliant piece leads to legal cases and hurts brand reputation

​​​​What do you mean the stamp is missing? It must be there!

A customer or a legal officer coming across a product with a critical piece such as a stamp, a print or an engraving missing is a nightmare for many business owners! Luckily, the solution isn't far fetched. Kiara Vision Platform swiftly identifies the absence/presence of such articles and ensures all products going for packaging are compliant with legal standards and ever-changing customer  requirements. 

Use Cases

Explore below scenarios where vision based absence/presence has been applied! In the case of expiry date print verification, our client faced litigation twice due to material in the market where the code and expiry date were not printed. In the case of matchsticks head inspection, completely headless matchsticks that can't be burnt were getting packed in  boxes and shipped out to customers. Automatic inspection systems through machine vision check the absence and presence of something and automatically verify completeness of product - as in the case of hole present absent in the brush sticks as well.

Watch Video: Matchsticks Head Present Absent

In action: Kiara Vision Platform™ ensuring that headless matchsticks aren't packed.

Quality Control starts and ends with training! 

The Kiara Vision Platform™ learns by examples. Upon seeing a few samples of OK and Not-OK images, it learns to identify the difference between them and can take appropriate action when a non-compliant part is detected.

Code & Expiry Absent

Make sure that no products go out without a proper batch/expiry printed on them.

Stamp Present or Not

The insides of a ring are generally embossed with a stamp of the creator or some special message as requested by a customer. Watch video to see what kind of a setup can be done  to ensure that the ring stamp is present.

Brush Stick Hole Absent

A hole in the front of a stick is must to add hair in the next step. A mistake will cost time and money.