Five Advantages of Vision Inspection Systems 

21.04.22 07:10 AM By Ekta


An important but often unappreciated aspect of any manufacturing process is quality assurance. This is when the products are checked for any defects or errors before shipping. Traditionally, the quality inspection was done manually but this method is often inefficient and delivers inaccurate results.

Technical development is an ongoing process and today machine vision inspection systems are not a novelty but a necessity. Constantly changing factory automation and the need to adhere to newer standards of quality parameters makes it necessary for manufacturers to use machine vision in their production processes.

The primary goals of vision inspection machines are improving product quality and automating the inspection process. Different types of machine vision systems are available and understanding their benefits will help you to choose the right system based on your production requirements.

Here are five advantages of such systems:

1.   Accurate results

Repetitive tasks like manual inspections can result either in fatigue or distraction or simply inattentiveness. As a result, defective or wrong products may slip through the quality assurance process. Automating this process using machine vision inspection software eliminates inaccuracy and ensures consistent outputs during the entire process.

2.   Higher productivity

Reducing the number of personnel for manual inspection allows you to utilize them in other aspects of the business. Your people can pay more attention to other more productive tasks, such as improving the processes, planning, material procurement, and other complex jobs. This increases not only their productivity but the overall productivity of your company.

Inspection is often the bottle neck of production processes. Machine Vision Systems speed up this step and opens up bandwidth to produce more.

3.   Reduce costs

Automatic inspection systems using machine vision significantly reduce wastage thereby improving the ROI. Defects are caught early in the production cycle and do not penetrate through, significantly reducing wastage. Additionally, it prevents recalls or returns of defective products, which enhances customer satisfaction and reduces extra shipping costs.

4.   Enhance reputation

When you consistently deliver superior quality products, you exceed customer expectations. You can further build your company’s reputation through customer reviews and feedback. Moreover, when you adhere to the highest quality norms, you can explore and expand your business into several high-end and premium markets. This can significantly increase the revenue and profitability of your company.

5.   Improve data quality

A majority of the machine vision for inspection and measurement systemsoperate on digital data and provide digital results. This allows you to record and maintain crucial data to identify the common errors or defects in products, which improves data analytics and can be beneficial in making informed decisions.

Current Machine vision are AI powered and they include self-improving technology, which allows it to adapt and learn from its mistakes once specified. These systems are automatically updated based on the real-time data made available during the production process by inspection of a large number of samples to deliver near-perfect  accurate results.

Human eyes have a limited visibility spectrum, which can result in missing critical quality control information. Ongoing Labor shortages and lack of skilled labor bundled with labor attrition rates further add to problems surrounding manual inspection. These machine vision systems are designed to deliver consistent results and even capture images from multiple angles ensuring nothing is missed during the quality check process thereby delivering complete accuracy.

Machine inspection brings additional safety and operational benefits by decreasing manual intervention in the production process. Additionally, it helps to prevent contamination while protecting workers from working in hazardous environments.

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