Industrial Piece Counting through Machine Vision

The KCS-C Conveyor Counting System with a hopper, scanning station and batch-creation stopping fingers.

Fast and accurate counting of parts

The Kiara Counting System (KCS) - Conveyor is the ideal solution to automatically count a large variety of parts from industries like electronics, medical, aerospace, hardware, injection molding, agriculture, and many more without any mechanical changeovers. It is:

  • Integrated with automatic multi-finger stopper to help you achieve precise target count
  • Industry 4.0 ready with built-in cloud reporting and analytics to deliver data on the go
  • Efficient in enhancing productivity by speeding up the whole product cycle and reducing labor cost
  • Extendable into a fully automatic counting and packaging solution
  • Compact and fits on to any conveyor belt or packing machine

Why Count with KCS-C?

Counting of parts is a common activity that is done at multiple stages across industries. Traditional methods such as manual weight-based or mechanical methods are slow and inflexible. As the world moves towards flexible manufacturing, systems are required to suit a wide variety of products - that vary in shape or size - A vision based solution for counting parts is a transition from such traditional methods. 

An area-scan camera captures images of objects that are stationary and have a fixed area using a table-top mounted camera. 

A line-scan camera scans objects which move continuously via the conveyor belt, capturing high-resolution images. 

Our deep-learning library identifies each individual object and counts it. 

Get up to 30% faster counting with 50% less labor and 100% accuracy.

Correct Count, Every time!

KCS-C's vision technology ensures that each and every part moving through the scanning system is counted accurately at unprecedented speeds. 

Pack batch-by-batch!

Counting is often the first step of a packing operation. Whether you want to make 1,000 batches of 10 items each or 15 batches of 10,000 items : KCS-C delivers efficiency!

Technical Details of KCS-C

The KCS-C is a modular product that can be selected as per specific application requirements. From counting a wide variety of part sizes, one can customize the speed of the conveyor belt and depending on sizes of parts and batch sizes required, get high-speed production. An automatic packing and sealing machine can further be integrated.

 PART SIZE  2 mm100 mm
 SPEED 100 parts/min 1000 parts/min
 PRODUCTION10 batches/min 30 batches/min
 WIDTH 100 mm 600 mm
 ADD-ONS Hoppers  Packaging Systems

Case Studies

 Rasgullas: Food products counting

The client, a big manufacturer of sweets, packed tins of rasgullas with 500, 700 and 1000 count for big events such as marriages. Inaccuracies in size and liquid content, caused up to 10% error in weight based counting. With KCS-C we enabled them to now pack at 30% higher speed and 100% accuracy, eliminating the need to send extra rasgulla pcs and helping them save over Rs. 1,30,000/- every month in peak  season time.

Chocolates: small items counting​

A chocolate factory owner packed 800 batches of 50 and 100 chocolates in a day. Size Variation in chocolates and neglect from manual labor resulted in an error rate of 18% in weight-based counting and 12% in manual counting. he  After opting for KCS-C, the owner is now able to packs at 30% higher speed and 100% accuracy and saves around 1,50,000/month. 

Washers: Metal parts counting

It's been a long practice to count metal parts with the Weight-based counting method. So the same was followed by Rakesh, a Metal Washer Manufacturer. Rakesh Packed around a 10,000 batches in a day, each containing 100 pcs. One day, Rakesh came across Kiara and contacted us, realizing that his counted method was developing an error rate of 20%. He then decided to reduce these errors, and with KCS-C shifted towards vision-based counting and saved Rs. 95,000 at 3 times faster counting.  



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