• AI Vision Systems for 
    Industry 4.0

Machine Vision Systems are the fusions of the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with the Precision of Camera-Vision. These machines are specifically developed to fulfill the needs of different Industries. Machine Vision Systems are Efficient, Accurate, Fast, IIOT inbuilt and AI-enabled.

Robro Systems has specialized in developing Industry-Specific Machinery. We have developed these machines keeping in mind the problems in the specific industries and how our machines can provide the best AI solution possible.


Textiles & FIBC
Metal & Automotive
Print & Packaging
Food & Beverages
Pharma & Medicine

Kiara Vision Platform

Make Your Machine 
Smart with AI

Manufacture AI-enabled machines by adding just one small device. Add features like Automatic/Semi-automatic model selection, Cloud-Based Analytics and much more to your machines with Kiara. 

 Become a Part of 
Industry 4.0

Become a Part of the Industry 4.0 herd by manufacturing AI-enabled, IIOT- enabled machines that provide real-time data

Find Out How

Upsell Your 

Get the opportunity to add an array of features to your machines. Become capable of providing better versions of your product to your existing loyal customers. 

Boost Your

Capture a new market segment. Cater to the needs of customers who have a demand for AI-Enabled, Cloud-Reporting, Automatic/Semiautomatic, Faster, efficient and more accurate machines. Become capable of meeting the demands of more people. 

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