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AI Vision In Textile & Web Industry  

Products or materials which are continuously processed on the web can consist of different types of errors which can damage/spoil product quality, so for preventing such types of crucial defects we need to inspect that material by following necessary steps. 

There are more than 35 lakh weaving industries in India, with an estimated market of over US$ 75 billion in 2020-21. In this scenario, staying on the top of your competitors can be pretty hard. Quality plays a crucial role and can make or break an industry. 

 We, at Robro Systems, understand that and provide AI-enabled Kiara Web Inspection Systems for high speed and accurate defect identification, tracking and analysis

Manual/Visual Inspection

Manual inspection is an easily accessible method in India, that's why many textile manufacturers opt for this. However, this is a very slow and error-prone method. Industry 4.0 AI Vision Inspection detects each and every small defect at high speeds with up to 100% accuracy. 

Sensor Based Inspection

Sensor-Based inspection is a very slow and error-prone process . As the effectivity and accuracy of sensor based inspection depends on many factors like reflectivity of the material, distance, environment, etc. 

Conventional Vision Inspection

Conventional Vision Based inspection methods are more sensitive to change and color  as compared to AI vision. These methods are only able to detect pre-defined defects, ignoring the undefined defects.


Kiara: AI-Enabled Vision-Based Solution for Textile & Web defect detection Solutions 

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Ensure 100% accurate defect identification 

Boost your production process

High Speeds up to 150 meters/min

Increase Productivity with faster inspection.

Reduce Material Wastage with smart cutting 

Live Production Insights with cloud computing.  

Reduce Material Wastage; Increase Profits

Identify Defects at High Speeds and Accuracy. 

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Industries & Applications


FIBC is the kind of material used to make bags which carry heavy-weighing material. Our Web and Surface Inspection Systems ensures that no such defects get past the inspection process.

  • Reduces Material Wastage. 
  • Fast and accurate inspection. 
  • Ensures near-perfect quality. 


The Web and Surface Inspection System enables textile manufacturers to ensure high standard quality inspection and deliver the best

  • Ensures high fabric and cloth quality 
  • Reduces wastage by quick inspection 
  • Increases customer satisfaction


We have a wide range of systems, that can catch different kinds of defects in print materials and labels while testing them for different parameters, making quality control easier for industries.

  • Fast and Accurate Inspection
  • Increases productivity speeds
  • Provides analytics, and reports


Our Web and Surface Inspection system can inspect a wide variety of material, including inspection based on different measures and parameters. These other materials include,

  • Plastic Sheets 
  • Metal Sheets 
  • And many more…


AI-Enabled, Vision-Based Textile and Web Defect Detection Solutions for Industry 4.0 

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