Importance of AI-Based Vision Inspection system in the Packaging and Printing Industry
AI-based vision inspection systems can detect unnoticed defects within seconds, which makes them more accurate, consistent, quick, and detailed. Moreover, unlike human fatigue, machine vision systems tirelessly perform 100% accurate inspections improving quality.
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Do you want better control on quality? Switch to camera based inspection! 

Kiara is a base platform for all visual analysis tasks! It not only detects the defects, but also rejects or removes the undesirable products from the lot. Ultimately, industries are able to reduce wastage up to 70% and also give a zero defect assurance. Kiara provides an AI software library th...

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How Automatic Counting Machines are Changing the way Food Industry Packs?
An alternative that is gaining popularity is the automatic counting and packing machine, which guarantees 100% accuracy. This alternative not only ensures exact control leading to higher customer satisfaction but also improves ROI due to lower wastage and/or extra products.
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Five Advantages of Vision Inspection Systems 
The primary goals of vision inspection machines are improving product quality and automating the inspection process. Different types of machine vision systems are available and understanding their benefits will help you to choose the right system based on your production requirements.
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Benefits of Using Line-Scan Cameras
 A line-scan camera reads the image data one line at a time. This means that it doesn’t observe the image as a whole, but rather reviews it   precisely line by line. This seamless recording style allows for inspections of over-long objects or even endless webs of material. The most...
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